from Frontiera, by Andrea Accardi (1999)

Andrea Accardi was born in Palermo in 1968. He attended the Cappiollo Academy in Venice, as well as the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. He drew his first comics for the comics section of the newspaper. He then went to work for Granata Press, where he started out as a letterer, but eventually became an illustrator, and did his first short stories for the reviews Kaos and Nova Express.

Gente di Notte, by Andrea Accardi

In 1994, he illustrated 'Progenie d'Inferno' with a script by Onofrio Catacchio, which was published by Kappa Edizioni. He also cooperated with Nexus, Metrolibri and Marvel Italia, doing several covers and illustrations. In 1996, he joined the Mondo Naif team, and teamed up with writer Massimiliano De Giovanni to create 'Gente di Notte'. He also joined the staff of Esp, where he produced 'I Dannati' with a text by Michelango La Neve. In 1997, he drew 'Ragno' for the Shock Studio, in cooperation with writer Matteo Casali. He continued to work with the characters from 'Gente di Notte' in 'Pazzo di Te', which was published by Kappa Edizioni in 2000. For the same publisher, he also illustrated an episode of the series 'Lupin III Millennium'. Again with De Giovanni, he produced 'Curori in Affitto' in 2003.

from Frontiera, by Andrea Accardi (1999)

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