Katsu!, by Mitsuru Adachi

Mitsuru Adachi is a mangaka originally from the prefecture of Gunma. In 1969, he followed his brother's footsteps (the artist Tsutomu Adachi) and settled in Tokyo. He started out as the assistant of Isami Ishii, the artist of 'Kôkô Akumyôden'. He made his professional debut in 1970 with 'Kieta Bakuon', which was published in the magazine Delux Sunday. He had his breakthrough in 1978 with 'Nine'.

Since then, he has published his mangas in several shônen and shôjo magazines, including Shonen Sunday, Cia, Shôjo Comic and Petit Comics. He has worked mainly in the genres romantic comedy and sports and his best known serials are 'Touch' (1981-86), 'Hiatari Ryoko!' (1980-81) 'H2' (1985-96), 'Slow Step' (1986-91), 'Rough' (1987-89), 'Katsu!' and 'Miyuki' (1980-84).

On 16 March 2009 he collaborated with Rumiko Takahashi on the manga 'My Sweet Sunday'.

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