Harding was here by Adam
Harding was here

When he was fourteen years old, Adam Devreux took a comics course held by Vittorio Leonardo. He then did several artistic studies and, at age 18, he assisted Batem on 'Marsupilami' merchandise art. He got the opportunity to meet Franquin, and to cooperate with Yann on some gag pages with the Franquin characters 'Marsupilami' and 'Petit Noël'.

He then went to work for the magazine Spirou, where drew about 37 pages of the western series 'Glenn Duncan' with scripts by Denis Lapière in 1991. The cooperation with Lapière didn't work out, and in the following years, Adam worked on other artistic projects. He worked in animation, and briefly worked at the atelier of Tome and Janry. For several years, he did infographics for a videogame company in Namur.

Glenn Duncan, by Adam
Glenn Duncan

In 2000, he dropped all his activities and left for Latin America for six months. After his return, he found employment in a cultural Latin American centre, and became the assistant of Midam, the author of 'Kid Paddle'. Together with Midam, he set up the popular spin-off series 'Game Over', which first appeared in Spirou in 2003. In addition, Adam drew the comic album 'Harding was here', scripted by Midam, and published by Quadrants in 2008.

Game Over, by Adam

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