Dilbert, by Scott Adams 2002

Scott Adams created 'Dilbert', the immensely popular wage-slave of the nineties. Drawing on his own experiences as an office clerk, Adams chronicled the work-a-day troubles of the typical IT worker. Since the start, the sad and tired life of Dilbert in the sick buildings of Cubeville has struck a strong chord with global information and service workers, who brought attention to Adams work by visiting the Dilbert website in massive numbers. Reportedly, 'Dilbert' is published in more than 2,000 newspapers all over the world.

Dilbert by Scott Adams (1989)

Adams was born in Windham, New York. He was rejected for arts school and therefore decided to study Law en subsequently Economics. It was while working with companies like the Crocker National Bank in San Francisco (1979-1986) and the Pacific Bell telephone company (1986-1995) that he got his inspiration for 'Dilbert'. He got his strip syndicated by United Media in 1989 and by the time it was published in 800 papers, in 1995, Adams gave up his daytime job. Adams has subsequently also released several non-fiction books about business, satire and commentary, starting with 'The Dilbert Principle' in 1996.

Scott Adams has made several guest appearances on TV shows throughout the years, and is also active in the vegetarian food business and is a trained hypnotist. In 1997 the Sojourner Mars rover inspected various rocks on the planet Mars. Four rocks were named after Dilbert, Dogbert, Ratbert and the Pointy-haired boss.

Scott Adams' 'Dilbert' has received praise from veteran cartoonists George BoothGuy Gilchrist and Matt Groening. A younger artist he influenced is Stephan Pastis

Dilbert by Scott Adams (2015)


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