Elsie en Mairi by Ivan Adriaenssens
'Elsie & Mairi'.

Ivan Petrus Adriaenssens studied at the art academy of Ghent, together with the brothers Luc and Michaël Vincent. He worked on several animation, television and theatre productions, before teaming up with his former fellow students to create the 'Orphanimo!!' series for Standaard Uitgeverij. Adrianssens has also cooperated on Marc de Bel series like 'Boeboeks', 'Pit en Puf' and 'De Kriegels', the latter in cooperation with Stedho.

Orphanimo!!, by Ivan AdriaenssensOrphanimo!!, by Ivan Adriaenssens

Adriaenssens is especially interested in World War I, and has worked on several books about the Great War for Lannoo. He has made illustrations for the war diaries of soldiers like Odon and Maurice Braet, and released his WWI graphic novel 'Afspraak in Nieuwpoort' (published in English as 'The Newport Gathering') in 2011. It was followed in 2013 by 'Elsie en Mairi'.

Adriaenssens also writes the scripts for the gagstrip 'Caztar' (art Poetzarelli) and the comic series 'Eigen Schuld?' (art David Bols), published in commission of the Flemish Centre for Debt Restructuring.

In 2010 he made a graphic contribution to the collective comic book 'Jommekes Bij De Vleet' (2010), a homage to Jef Nys. He also paid tribute to Pom in the collective comic books 'Avontuur in de 21e Eeuw' (2010) - of which the profits went to the Kinderkankerfonds to support children with cancer - and 'Op Het Spoor van Pom' (2011). In 2015, he was one of the six Flemish artists to draw a comic book starring Willy Vandersteen's 'Suske en Wiske' for S.O.S. Children's Villages, based on a story by a celebrity. Adriaenssens made the story 'Het Naderende Noodlot' with actor and presenter Staf Coppens. The other artists involved were Ilah, Charel Cambré, Jan Bosschaert, Kim Duchateau and Kris Martens

The Newport Gathering by Ivan Adriaenssens
'The Newport Gathering'.


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