comic art by Tor Aerlig (2003)

Tor Ærlig (Tor Erling Naas) is a comic artist, illustrator and musician from Oslo. He published his first cartoons under the name Viktor Nord in KOnK magazine in the early 1980s. He won a comics contest in 1985, but didn't return to the genre until the early 1990s, when he drew the series 'EKG' for Ikkevold and contributed to the Norwegian MAD and Humorparaden. It was during this period that he assumed the pen name Tor Ærlig, which means "Tor Honest".

He learned comic book art from Morten Myklbust at the Heksegryta comics school in 1992-93, and subsequently found employment with Semic Forlag. Naas entered the Norwegian underground scene in 1997, and is one of the leading creators on the Jippi label. One of his best known characters is Preben Mathias in the 'Evig Ung' series, which started in 1998.

Fair Trade by Tor Aerlig
Fair Trade (Rutetid #3, 2012)

Jippi released Ærlig's next series, the experimental and partially autobiographical 'Hjertemosaikk' ('Heart Mosaics'), in 2003. His 2006 book 'Ser du meg nå?' is generally considered Norway's first graphic novel. Besides publishing in book format, he also makes the newspaper strip 'Nr. 14' for Dagbladet and Larsons gale verden. His work appears in Smult, SPX 2002, Den sista stenen, Det Nye, Rutetid and Tusj. He additionally works on webcomics, such as 'Agent 21' for Blekkulf, together with Tore Strand Olsen.

Tor Erling Naas was the lead singer, composer and guitarist for the Norwegian rock band 'Kaptein Tordenbrak', that performed during the second part of the 1990's.

comic art by Tor Aerlig (2003)

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