Zé Caipora, by Angelo Agostini

Although born in Italy, Angelo Agostini can be considered the first Brazilian comics artist. After making illustrations and caricatures for magazines like Diabo Coxo, Cabrião and Revista Arlequim, Agostini produced a continuing story in images for Vida Fuminense in 1869. The comic was called 'As Aventuras de Nhô Quim, ou Impressous de Uma Viagem à Côrte' and ran for nine episodes of two pages each. For Revista Illustrada he continued with 'As Aventura de Zé Caipora' in 1883. Although this comic was often interrupted, the series counts 35 episodes. In the early twentieth century appeared the O Tico-Tico magazine, for which Agostini illustrated the title.

In 1984 the Brazilian comics awards Prêmio Angelo Agostini were named after him. 

Cover of Revista Illustrada, by Angelo Agostini

Dr Semana, by Angelo Agostini 1868

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