Detective Nieblas, by Alejandro Aguado
Detective Nieblas

Alejandro Aguado is a comic artist and photographer from Patagonia. He began his career at the age of 16 drawing for newspaper from Comodoro Rivadavia, in the central region of Patagonia. He edited Duendes Del Sur, the first comic magazine coming from the region of Chubut. He was also editor of the magazine El Rey Tuerto and the monthly supplement El Espejo, De Los Dibujantes Del Sur.

Chiri Von Fiesta, by Alejandro Aguado
Chiri Von Fiesta

Aguado has made comic strips and cartoons for websites, books, newspapers and magazines. Among his characters are 'Un Quijote en Patagonia' (in Crónica de Comodoro Rivadavia), 'Morocho Darguin' (with Juan Carlos Moisés in El Espejo), 'Chiri Von Fiesta' (in La Duendes, Sonaste Maneco), 'Detective Nieblas' (with Martín Colivoro in Aerosol) and 'El sr. Tierno' (in Aerosol). His work has been published in the USA, Belgium, UK, Holland, Spain and Chile. He is editor of La Duendes - Historieta, Humor y cultura en Patagonia.

Morocho Darguin, by Alejandro Aguado
Morocho Darguin

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