Maan korvessa kulkevi by Mari Ahokoivu
Maan korvessa kulkevi (published in a magazine of Design museum of Helsinki with the exhibition Hyppää ruutuun in 2011)

Mari Ahokoivu is one of the most prominent and productive Finnish female comic artists. Her themes vary from pure or semi-autobiographical fiction to short poetic pieces and real-world commentary.

Tänään by Mari Ahokoivu
Tänään…(NYT-magazine, 2010)

Ahokoivu made an unusual debut by creating a guidebook to making comics, 'Sarjakuvantekijän opas' (2007). As for her personal artwork, Ahokoivu’s debut album was 'Löydä minut tästä kaupungista' (2009), a graphic story of alienation and inner demons in a strange city. This debut was followed by 'Ennustus' (2010), 'Batuman' (2010) and 'Batuman Returns' (2012).

Ahokoivu also works as an illustrator and a teacher, and has been the co-editor of Finnish Comics Society’s Sarjainfo magazine from 2010 to 2012. She is one of the pioneers of the popular format of blog comics.

Batuman by Mari Ahokoivu

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