Ascierie by Mahfoud Aïder

Mahfoud Aïder was born in Algeria in 1952, shortly before the revolution. A caricaturist, comic artist, scriptwriter and journalist, he has contributed to a great variety of magazines since the late 1960s, such as M'kideche, El Moudjahid, Alouan, Actualité économique, Trik and Sindbad. He has used characters like Kouider, Chika and Kalitousse Lazhar to give his view on the current affairs of the time in Journal M'Quidech and Journal Tarik.

He has also scripted stories like 'La Route de l'Espoir' for Mansour Amouri (Pif Gadget, 1983) and 'Les Mésaventures du Djin Faraon' for Haroun (Riad, 1985). He created the children's tales 'El Kenz Ettamine' and 'Le Rêve de Yasmine' in 1982-1983. Book collections of his work were published by ENAL between 1982 and 1985.

Comic art by Mahfoud Aider

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