Hawkeye by David Aja

Born in Valladolid, David Aja got his degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca. He started working as a profesional illustrator in Barcelona (2000) and two years later he went to Madrid. He has worked for papers and magazines like El País, Cinemanía, Rolling Stone, Revista 40, Blue Joven, Men's Health, Muy Extra, etc. He has also provided illustrations for publishers and books, and has also worked in Design and Publicity, CD covers, and computer graphics with the multimedia artist Marcel-li Antúnez.

As a comic artist, he has worked for Marvel, doing art on titles like 'The Immortal Iron Fist' and short stories for 'X-Men Unlimited', 'Civil War Front Line', 'Civil War Choosing Sides' and 'Hawkeye'.

comic art by David Aja


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