comic art by Fujio Akatsuka
publication in Le Cri Qui Tue in Switzerland (1978)

Fujio Akatsuka was born in China in September 1935, but moved back to Japan with his mother after World War II. After graduating, Akatsuka got a job in a chemical company, which he hated. At the same time, he sent some of his comics to magazines until his girl strip 'Arashio Koete', was first published in 1955. In 1958, he sold his first gag strip, 'Namachan', to magazine Manga Õ:. The real success came in 1962, when Akatsuka created 'Osomatsukun' and 'Himitsu no Akko chan'. It was the beginning of a long production of popular comics, such as 'Otasukekun', 'Shibire no Skatan', 'Ijiwaru Ikka', 'Tensai Babakon' ('Genius Idiot'), 'Moretsu Ataro' and 'Waru Waru World'.

Fujio Akatsuka is one of Japan's greatest humor comic artists of the time. His humorous style and many anti-heroic comic characters have transformed the field of manga, and continue to attract fans as more and more of his series are adapted as animated cartoons. His name lives on in the semi-annual Akatsuka Award, which has been given to humorous manga authors since 1974. 

comic art by Fujio Akatsuka

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