Le passager aux cinq doigts, by Al+Flag
'Le Passager Aux Cinq Doigts' (Zine Zag 2).

Alain Gosselin is a comic artist from the French speaking part of Canada. He began his comic career in the magazine Plumo in 1979, doing several gags which he signed with simply "Al". Together with fellow artists Hervé Philippe, <a href="/artists/s/shelton_daniel.htm">Daniel Shelton</a> and Maurice Evens, he became one of the main artists of the Association BD de Sherbrooke. In 1980 he obtained his degree in graphics in Sherbrooke, before he went to study in Montreal. At this time, he published in some magazines, and he created some animated shorts with Marc Tessier. He was among the representatives of the Quebecan comic scene at the comic festival in Angoulème in 1985. The same year, he published several gags in some fanzines of the Association BD de Sherbrooke (later on BD Estrie), as well as his first album, 'Story Board'. At this time, he had taken on the pseudonym Al+Flag.

Albums by Al+Flag

Gosselin's second book came a year later, 'Post Mortem', which also contained silent gags. In the late 1980s, Gosselin cooperated on the collective series 'L'Album'. Together with Marc Tessier and Stéphane Olivier, he cooperated on the creation of the underground magazine L'Organe in 1988. For this magazine, he created the main character 'Gogo Guy'. In the 1990s, he went to work for the juvenile magazine Je Me Petit-Débrouille, and he created the album 'Les Grands Débrouillards' in cooperation with Jacques Goldstyn. From 1991 to 1994, he produced the science fiction series 'Les Jumeaux Gémeaux' in the magazine. For this series, he wrote the scripts under his own name, and he did the artwork under his pseudonym. He produced a third album with silent gags in 1992, called 'Réflexions'. A year later, he came up with the small books 'Supperman is Dead' and 'Mais Où Est Passée la Cheminée?'. After a few years of absence in the scene, he came back in 1997 with the launch of the fanzine Café Noir. He began using various pseudonyms, such as Philippe Angers, S. Presso and Anna Kafka.

Souviens-toi de la Pluie, by Al+Flag
'Souviens-Toi De La Pluie'. 

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