Lem the Grem, by Nina Albright

Nina Albright worked on comic books through studios like Funnies Inc, L.B. Cole and Bernard Bailey in the 1940s. For Novelty Press in New York, she worked on comic titles like 'Young King Cole', 'Lem the Grem', 'Dr Doom', 'Bull's Eye Bill' and 'The Cadet', which appeared in Novelty Press publications like 4most. She also workedon Fiction House features like 'Captain Terry Thunder', 'Hooks Devlin', 'Inspector Dayton' and 'Senorita Rio'. She additionally worked for Holyoke ('Miss Victory', 'Molly O'Moore', 'Mr Nobody'), Aviation Press ('Black Venus') and illustrated romance stories for Marvel, Archie Publications, St. John and Ziff-Davis up until the early 1950s. By then, she switched to illustrating, working for magazines like American Girl and the Polly French series.

The Cadet, by Nina Albright

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