American Vampire by Rafael Albuquerque
American Vampire: Bad Blood

Rafael Albuquerque is a comic book artist from Porto Alegre, Brazil, who works mainly for American companies. He began his career working in advertising, and had his first comics published through AK Comics, a company based in Cairo, Egypt. He released his creator-owned crime story 'Rumble in la Rambla' in 2005, and saw it published as 'Crimeland' by Image Comics in 2007.

By then, he was already working for Boom! Studios in the States on comic book series like 'Jeremiah Harm', 'Pirates Tales' and 'Savage Brothers'. He then became the regular penciler on 'Blue Beetle' for DC Comics from 2007 to 2009, and additionally drew some issues of 'Superman/Batman' and 'Strange Adventures'. He also provided cover illustrations to some of the company's other titles, as well as to Marvel's 'Nomad: Girl Without a World'. .

Blue Beetle by Rafael Albuquerque
Blue Beetle #16

Albuquerque furthermore contributed to anthologies like '24seven' (Image Comics, 2007) and 'Tales of the Fear Agent' (Dark Horse, 2008). He worked with Eduardo Medeiros and Mateus Santolouco on 'Mondo Urbano', a graphic novel published by Oni Press in 2010. In that year, he started drawing DC/Vertigo award-winning 'American Vampire', illustrating stories by Scott Snyder and none other than Stephen King.

He started working exclusively for DC Comics in 2011. He also picked up scriptwriting, starting with a story for 'Legends of the Dark Knight' in 2012. In the following year, he co-scripted the 'American Vampire' one-shot 'The Long Road to Hell' with Scott Snyder. Albuquerque and Snyder launched a second cycle of their historical vampire epic in 2014. Albuquerque additionally has his own Brazilian webcomic, called 'Tune 8'.

Tune 8 by Rafael Albuquerque
Tune 8

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