Kieku ja Kaiku, by Asmo Alho

Asmo Alho is the author of 'Kieku ja Kaiku', a Finnish text comic series, launched in 1932 and is inspired by everyday Finnish life. The 'funny animal' comic stars two roosters, originally talking in rhyme. During the period of the series' running, it has undergone several changes. From 1936 onward the two main characters have appeared as fully clothed, short roosters, with a very human-like anatomy. The rhyme in the several episodes wasn't written by Alho himself, but by the various editors the series had throughout the years, most notably the famous novelist Mika Waltari. Alho drew 'Kieku ja Kaiku' until his death in 1975.

Kieku ja Kaiku, by Asmo AlhoKieku ja Kaiku, by Asmo Alho

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