Tombola, by Henk Alleman
De Negerhut van Oom Tom (Tombola)

Henk Alleman is an artist from Amsterdam, who published most of his comic work in the 1950s. He worked at the animation department Toonder Studios during the war and joined Ton de Zwaan at his Swan Features Syndicate in 1953. For this syndicate, he made a comic adaptation of 'Karl May', and he filled in for Piet Wijn on 'Aram'. 'Dick Dalton & the Special Agents', the comic strip he developed with Dick Huizinga, remained unpublished.

Doctor Davis, by Henk Alleman
Doctor Davis (Tombola)

Alleman also freelanced for publishers like Rotogravure and De Spaarnestad. For the Spaarnestad magazine Eva, he made illustrations and the children's comic 'Tommy' (later 'Tommie'). He also produced five stories with 'Linda Lucardy, de Vliegende Stewardess' (1954-55), 'De Familie Elkerlik' (1954) and 'De Noodlottige Reis van de Marie Felice' (1958) for this magazine. He made illustrations for ladies' magazine Libelle, and additionally drew comic stories like 'Doctor Davis' (with Toon Kortooms, 1954) and an adaptation of 'De Negerhut van Oom Tom' (1953-54) for its supplement Tombola.

Operation Burn, by Henk Alleman
Operation Burn-Out (1957)

Alleman also made the newspaper strip 'De Bedreiging van Curca' and created the text strip 'Morgan Bloomsbury, de Prins uit Engeland', that ran in the Belgian comic magazine Kleine Zondagsvriend in 1954. He signed the strip "H. Allman". Five stories of Alleman's science fiction comic 'Operation Burn-Out' were syndicated by Swan Features to newspapers in Belgium and the Netherlands. It even ran in a Yugoslavian and a Russian newspaper.

At the age of 32, Alleman left comics and became a salesman, first for liquorice by Kraepelien & Holm in Zeist, then for perfume through Shulton in Leiden. He eventually became a fine artist, making mainly city portraits of Amsterdam.

On 23-24 March 2019, duing the Stripdagen in Utrecht, Alleman received the Bulletje en Boonestaakschaal.

comic art by Henk Alleman

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