Adventures into Weird Worlds by Gerald Altman
Adventures Into Weird Worlds #5 (April 1952)

Gerald Altman began his comic book career in the late 1930s, working for the Iger Studio. In later stages, he was affiliated with studios like Binder, Funnies Inc, L.B. Cole and Siegel & Shuster. One of his earliest credits was background art on Quality's 'Dollman' and Fiction House's 'The Hawk'. He also did backgrounds on Fawcett features like 'Bulletman', 'Captain Midnight' and 'Captain Marvel Jr', and on Street & Smith's 'Ajax the Sun Man', 'Blackstone', 'Doc Savage' and 'Nick Carter'.

He contributed to titles like Contact Comics (Aviation Press), Triple Threat Comics (Gerona), Witty (Chicago Nite Life News), Eagle (Rural Home), Camera (U.S. Camera). He produced features like 'Flip, Filipino Kid' for Charlton, and 'Gale Leary, the Will o' the Wisp', 'Joan Mason' and 'Blue Beetle' for Fox Comics. In 1949 he additionally did a syndicated strip called 'Funnyman' for Bell Syndicate. By the early 1950s, Altman was working on Timely/Atlas titles like 'Adventures into Weird World' and 'Wild Western', while also doing romance, western and horror features for Story Comics, Trojan Comics and Stanmor.

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