L'Animal à Six Pattes, by Michel Alzéal
L'animal à six pattes

Michel Alzéal has been drawing since his childhood. He used to draw at any occasion and for anyone. It was in 1991 when Alzéal started thinking more seriously about his passion. He created two comics of about 60 pages, illustrated a set of cards for children for Panini ('Les Canailles') and created short comic stories for the fanzine Bas Art. From 1999 Les Éditions du Cycliste published his first books in black-and-white, such as the pantomime comic 'Le Pantin' and the dark diptych 'L'Animal à six pattes'. The first print run of 'Le Pantin' was quickly exhausted, and Alzéal completely redrew the book with color pencils on Canson paper in 2002.

Boule de Neige by Michel Alzeal
Boule de Neige

His next works were the children's comics 'Boule de Neige' (Le Cycliste, 2003) and 'EpouvanPaille' (Le Cycliste, 2007), and the graphic novel 'Appartement 23' for Les Enfants Rouges (2007). He returned in 2009 with 'Couvert de poussière' at Scherzo Production. Using a new style and concept, the story was produced without ink and with direct gouache colors, while the story was based on the lyrics of French songwriter Daran.

Appartement 23 by Michel Alzeal
Appartement 23

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