Art for Mercado by Lorenzo Amengual

Lorenzo Jaime Amengual is an architect and graphic artist from Argentina. He was born in Marcos Jarez, Córdoba, and studied Fine Arts in Villa María from the age of 8. He graduated as an architect from the National University of Cordoba in 1964. He has worked as an artist and graphic designer for the car factory Kaiser Argentina. Settled in Buenos Aires since late 1960s, he is one of the country's leading set designers for theaters. He has also created audiovisuals for operas, and was involved in several development projects for museums.

Amenguel has served as art director for the agency Cícero Publicidad, and for the magazine Confirmado. He also published his comic strip 'Braulio' in Confirmado. His art has also appeared in the magazines Mengano, La Hipotenusa and Adn. Further comic strips by him were 'Capitán Unquillo' for Satiricon and 'Mr Finch' for Gente. He is also a connaisseur of the artists who worked in Argentina in the early twentieth century.

Art by Lorenzo Amengual

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