Gladiatorus by André Amouriq

After working as a commercial artist, André Amouriq began his career in comics. He started out retouching American material for the pocket publications of Impéria. He published his first stories in pockets like Ringo and Nic et Loup, published by S.E.P.P., as well as Ranger, Rex and Rhapsodie, for which he drew 'Baf' in 1975. For the publisher Lug, he drew stories with 'Le Petit Trappeur' from 1978 through the late 1980s, and several installments in the series 'Blek le Roc'. He drew an episode of 'Mikros' in Mustang and in a more adult register, he drew 'Titi Fricoteur' in Bédé Adult, using the pseudonym Gast.

Le Petit Trappeur by André Amouriq
Le Petit Trappeur

Amouriq illustrated 'Le Petit Monde de Pétassine' for Albin Michel in 1992. He made a comic adaptation of the cartoon series 'Carlos' for Canal + Éditions and in 1996, he created 'Clarisse' for Le Progrès de Lyon. He participated in several collective albums for Soleil and created series like 'Les Zyperes' (2000), 'Les Prédictions de Nostra' (with Cazenove, 2002-2004), 'L'Auto-École' (with Cazenove, since 2004), 'Dôjô le temple des arts martiaux' (with his son Alexandre, 2007-2008) and 'Gladiatorus' (with Cazenove, since 2014) for Bamboo.

L'Auto Ecole by André Amouriq
L'Auto École

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