Middagsdags (Galago #1, 1995) by Max Andersson
Middagsdags (Galago #1, 1995)

Max Andersson is a Swedish comic artist with a strong underground reputation - thanks to his dense, junk-culture comic, 'Pixy'. Andersson studied graphics in Stockholm between 1982 and 1984, and later cinema at the University of New York. After having worked in the animation field, he started making comics in the Swedish alternative magazine Galago in 1987. Shortly, his work also appeared in Dagens Nyheter and Aftonbladet. His first album, 'Pixy' was published by Tago Förlag in 1992.

comic art by Max Andersson

The comic was also published in the USA by Fantagraphics, which makes Andersson the first modern Swedish artist to have an album published in the USA. Tago Förlag has also collected some of his short stories in 'Vakuumneger' in 1994. Three years later, Andersson self-published 'Pistolen Johnny'. In 2001, 'En Skissbok av Max Andersson' was published by Seriefrämjandet, followed two years later by 'Döden', published by Galago Ordfront.

Pixy, by Max Andersson

Besides his comic book 'Pixy' at Fantagraphics, more of Andersson's gained attention in the USA, with his contributions to the anthology Zero Zero and the comic book 'Death & Candy'. His dark comics are also published in most European countries.

Nature by Max Anderson


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