Picture story for Záslónk magazine (1920s/1930s).

Lóránd Andor was a Hungarian painter, graphic artist and cartoonist, who spent most of his life working as a restorer and illustrator for the Hungarian National Museum. Between 1924 and 1936, he was a comic artist for the Catholic student's magazine Zászlónk.

Education and teaching career
Born in 1906 in Budapest, Lóránd Andor studied at the Hungarian College of Fine Arts, where the painter Gyula Rudnay was his teacher. Graduating in 1928 with a high school drawing teacher's degree, Andor began his working life as Rudnay's assistant lecturer. Additionally, he was an assistant teacher at the Department of Applied Arts under art professor Antal Megyer-Meyer and at the Department of Graphic Arts under Lajos Nándor Varga. Between 1930 and 1936, he was a teacher with Miklós Ybl College in Székesfehérvár, a city 65 kilometres South West of Budapest.

While still a student, Andor sent his cartoons and caricatures to the editors of Zászlónk, a nationally distributed Catholic students magazine in Hungaria. Most of his comic output was done for this magazine in the period 1924-1936 - initially under the guidance of the artist Pál Spanyár, later as a solo artist. In his picture stories, Lóránd Andor showed the everyday lives of the students of Budapest's fictional "13th District Secondary School" (the city actually has only twelve districts), along with their bragging and obnoxious principal Upman. Originally created by Pál Spanyár, the colorful cast of student characters included the stupid Ferkó Záp, the agressive Gyuri Fal and Pista Horogh, the corpulent Dénes Gömbi, the skinny Mátyás and the dandy Olivér Nett.

Natural science illustrator
In the early 1930s, Lóránd Andor made scientific drawings for the Hungarian National Museum (MNM), the Natural History Museum and several biology books. After 1936 - when he quit his teaching job - Andor served as restorator for the MNM's fossil collection. Some of his watercolor dioramas are still on display in the halls of this Budapest museum to this day. Lóránd Andor died in Budapest in November 1966, at the age of 60.

Picture story for Záslónk magazine (1920s/1930s).

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