Zoé Enfant Terrible by Ange Michel

Not much is known about the French comic strip artist Ange Michel, who presumably worked under a pseudonym. He was one of the artists of the feature 'Zoé Enfant Terrible', which appeared in the French newspaper Le Parisien Libéré from 1949 until 1974. Ange Michel worked on the comic from the start until the mid-1960s in alternation with Jo Carbi, Roland Moisan and creator Michel Douay. Besides Le Parisien, the 'Zoé' strip also ran in La Liberté du Massif Central, L'Oise Matin and La Liberté de l'Est, and Ange Michel drew about 1,200 of the 7,800 strips. An additional comic by Ange Michel is 'Les Aventures de M. Cordial', an advertising strip for the firm Clacquemin which appeared in L'Aurore in 1954.

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