Miki by Anton

The comic artist known as simply Anton, was born as Anthony Desmazeau in Pessac in 1973. He grew up reading Marvel comic books, and authors like Frank Miller, Alan Moore and David Mazzuchelli have remained influences on his work. He contributed to the fanzine Scarce, and produced a 7-page story for the Scarce collective album 'Le Tour des Crocs' in 1993. He studied Fine Arts in Bordeaux, and worked as a graphic artist in the video game industry from 1996 to 2001.

He returned to comics through several self-published comic books, and 'Eclipse – Last contact', a book published through Éditions Égone in 1999. With writer Serge Meirinho, he made two books of the science fiction comic 'Miki' for Glénat in 2005 and 2010, and with Laurent Bramardi, he made the graphic novel 'Quatre' through Les Enfants Rouges in 2007.

Quatre by Anton

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