Calling the Duke by Larry Antonette
Calling the Duke (Silver Streak #1, Lev Gleason, 1939)

Lawrence Joseph Antonette was a comic book artist from Tacoma, Washington, who sometimes signed with Dean Carr. He graduated Washington State University in 1931 and attended the Grand Central School of Art. He did his first comic work in the 1930s, drawing the 'Dash Dixon' daily and Sunday feature for Lincoln Features, as well as 'Bozo and the Baron' for Van Tine Features Syndicate. He moved over to comic book art at the end of the decade, working through the Eisner-Iger Shop and Funnies Inc.

He drew 'Blue Beetle' and 'The Flame' for Fox Comics, 'Calling the Duke' for Lev Gleason. By the early 1940s was was present at Novelty Comics with 'Sub-Zero' and 'T-Men' and at Timely with 'Duke Kelly', 'John Steele' and 'Jap-Buster Johnson' (inks). In the early 1950s he was doing stories with Hanna-Barbera's 'Tom and Jerry' and Warner Bros' 'Tweety and Sylvester' for Dell's licensed titles. Antonette was the owner of the North-West School of Art, and Head of Television Art for the Tacome Public Schools.

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