Cronache di un Malandrino
Cronache di un Malandrino

Danilo Antoniucci is an Italian comic artist from Urbania. He was born in Sassocorvaro and studied Animation at the Applied Arts faculty of the Urbania Art School. He began his career in the field of animation, working for Rainbow studio on productions like 'Tommy & Oscar' and 'Winx'. He is the author of 'Cronache di un Malandrino', a comic book starring an anthropomorphic fox in the Renaissance period. It was serialized in Wombat Comiks and published in book format by Edizioni Di in 2014. Continuing the genre of anthropomorphic animals, he subsequently teamed up with writer Luca Pozza for the creation of the self-proclaimed pulp comic book 'Bangballs' at Shockdom in 2014. A collection of his webcomic 'Brainsther', was also published in book format.

Bangballs by Danilo Antoniucci

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