Tinker Twins, by Joe Archibald
Tinker Twins

Joe Archibald was a writer and artist for comic books from the 1920s through the 1950s. Educated at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, Archibald worked as a reporter during the 1920s and did art on syndicated features like 'Private Rhodes' (1930) and 'Saga of Steve West' (1928-29). He was present in The Funnies by Dell Comics in the late 1920s with features like 'Frosty Ayre', 'Lucky Duck' and 'Shylock Bones'. In the 1930s, he illustrated pulp novels, and did art on fillers for comic books by National/DC, such as 'Scrub Hardy', 'They Started Young' and 'Tinker Twins at Penn Point'. From the late 1940s throughout the 1950s he was an editor, artist and writer for Better Publications, illustrating sports features, puzzle pages, and stories with 'Roger Dodger', 'Space Cop Kelly' and 'Ginny'.

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