Viviana y Yamandu by Enrique Ardito

Enrique Ardito is the creator of the long-running newspaper comic 'Viviana y Yamandú', that was published in the Montevideo newspaper La República between 1989 and 2012. The strip originated from two separate comics, one starring the private investigator 'Yamandú Collazo' in 1989, the other photographer 'Viviana Clik' in 1990. When they joined forces in 1991, one of the longest running adventure strips in a Uruguayan newspaper was born.

Ardito's first work was published in 1982 in the magazine Sapito. He later contributed to the humorous magazines Guambia and Ganzúa, and edited the humor supplement La Pulga for El Diario. For La República, Ardito also created 'Montevideo Cambalache', 'Don Jubileo' and 'Recién Cansados'. He additionally set up a supplement for the paper called Quimera in 2003.

Viviana y Yamandu by Enrique Ardito

He was forced to retire from drawing his comic strips due to arthritis in 2006. 'Viviana y Yamandú' was continued by William Gezzio. 'Don Jubileo' and 'Recién Casados' were replaced by the paper for the Walter Cortiñas strip 'JP Gonzáles'. Ardito briefly returned to 'Viviana y Yamandú' in 2011.

Viviana y Yamandu by Enrique Ardito
Viviana y Yamandu by Enrique Ardito (2011)

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