Faune, by Aristophane

Aristophane Boulon, who published with only his first name, had several art studies before he entered the comic world. His first book with short stories, 'Logorrhée', was published in 1993 by Lézard. That same year he illustrated the children's book 'Tu Rêves Lili', written by Christiane Renauld. Two years later, Amok published his second book, the satirical 'Faune ou l'Histoire d'un Immoral', which contained work that was previously published in Lapin. He collaborated on the collective album 'Avoir Vingt Ans en l'An 2000' and periodicals like Cheval sans Tête and Ego Comme X. He also created 'Conte Démoniaque', which was part of the exposition Anges et Démons in Angoulème, and published in book by L'Association in 1996. That same year, he published 'Les Soeurs Zabime' at Ego Comme X. He was also present in the review Jade, published by 6 Pieds Sous Terre. Aristophane Boulon died in 2004 at the age of 37.

Conte Démoniaque, by Aristophane

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