Castrato, by Arkas
"I remember, in the first dance after the war, in the officers' club,
I put on a very naughty dress, for that time!...
  ...the colonel was very jealous!"
"Why?  Did he want to put it on himself?"

Arkas is one of the most famous Greek comic artists. No biographical information is known about him, not even his real name. He has been publishing his albums since the early 1980s. Always non-political, but well-timed and funny too, he has managed to make the public love him. In all his comics there is an idealistic and sometimes moral trait, wishing a better world. On the other hand, he can be cynical, nasty and whining. Extremely idiotic people or animals are often his supporting characters.

His comics have been also published in various newspapers and magazines and lately his work is published in the magazine E, a part of the newspaper Eleftherotypia. His characters are people and animals of all kinds, like Kokoras the Rooster, the Pig, Castrato and Loucretia the cats, Vaggelis the bear, the lionkeeper Pantelis and the mouse Montechristo.

Kokoras, by Arkas

Arkas' most famous comics are 'O Kokoras' ('The Rooster'), 'O Isovitis' ('The Lifer'), 'Xypnas mesa mou to zoo' ('You wake the animal inside me'), 'Show Business', 'Castrato', 'Hamiles Ptiseis' ('Low Flights') and 'I zoi meta' ('The life after'). He is still publishing albums of the three last series, which are in color.

I Zoi Meta, by Arkas
-I can't be in Heaven! I believe there's been a mistake!…
-They all do!

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