Le Roi Vert, by Jacques Armand

Jacques Armand, whose real name was Jean-Jacques Martin, began his career as part of the rock generation of Métal Hurlant, but slowly found his influences in more classic adventure comics. After having studied Applied Arts in Paris, he cooperated with the French chansonnier Renaud on a comic adaptation of Renaud's song 'Les Aventures de Gérard Lambert'. After a first album published by B.Diffusion in 1981, he continued the strip on his own and self-published a second book in 1983.

In 1982, he drew 'Le Rayon Oublié' with a script by Georges Noël, which appeared in La Dépêche de l'Eure and was published in album by Futuropolis. He was present in Métal Hurlant with 'Black-Out', a comic based on a cinematographic script by Serge Gainsbourg. It was published in album by Les Humanoïdes Associés in 1983. He then made two albums of 'Ric Brio' as well as 'Le Corporal Rouge' at Futuropolis. From 1985, he was present in the magazines of Bayard Presse. For Okapi, he drew 'Ron Clarke', one of the final scenarios by Jean-Michel Charlier.

He contributed to Je Bouquine and drew 'La Guerre des Cerveaux' in Pif Gadget in 1987. Using the pseudonym Albert Raisin, he illustrated 'Les Aventures d'Amélie Disquette' in Science et Vie Junior. In 1990, he began working on the comic adaptation of Paul-Loup Sulitzer's 'Le Roi Vert' with a script by Annestay. Unfortunately, Armand died in a traffic accident on 17 April 1991, leaving the first episode unfinished. 'Le Roi Vert' was continued by Gilles Mezzomo.

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