'Laszlo & Edgar'. 

Jorge Arnanz is a Spanish amateur comic artist, who was released the adventures of his heroes 'Laszlo & Edgar' in self-published books and online.

Laszlo & Edgar
Jorge Arnanz has drawn comics since he was 17-18 years old. A fan of the Clear Line style of Belgian artists like Hergé and Jacques Martin, Arnanz also draws inspiration from American newspaper comics like Chic Young's 'Blondie' and Garry Trudeau's 'Doonesbury', as well as 'James Bond' movies. Since 2001 he has written and drawn a great many comics starring the two former boy scouts Laszlo & Edgar, who later work in a news agency. Arnanz has published his well-documented comics in amateur fanzines, but mostly in a series of self-published books in print and as e-books.

Adam the Martian
In July 2019, Arnanz additionally launched a daily online panel called 'Adam the Martian', who lives during the ancient civilization on Mars. The panel is also published in a Canadian university paper.

'Adam The Martian'. 



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