comic art by Andrice Arp

Andrice Arp works as an illustrator in San Francisco, California. Her illustrations have appeared in various publications, including Shout Magazine, Kitchen Sink Magazine, and the New York Times. She has been co-editing and publishing the comics anthology 'Hi-Horse' since early 2001 with Bishakh Som, Howard John Arey and Joan Reilly. Normally the book is limited to five artists, but a special issue, the 'Hi-Horse Omnibus #1', published in February 2004 by Alternative Comics, features comics by eighteen different artists.

Hi-Horse, by Andrice Arp (2001)Hi-Horse, by Andrice Arp (2001)

In addition Andrice has contributed to several comics anthologies, including 'Studygroup 12' (edited by Zack Soto), 'Typewriter' (edited by David Youngblood), 'Legal Action Comics Vol. II' (edited by Danny Hellman), 'Scheherazade' (edited by Megan Kelso, out in September 2004 from Soft Skull Press), and 'Orchid 2' (edited by Dylan Williams and Ted May, out in 2004 from Sparkplug Books). Arp also contributes to comics anthology series 'Mome'.

In September 2006, Arp's work was featured in an exhibit at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, as well as a museum in New York. Arp has illustrated more covers of Scram, a journal of unpopular culture, than any other artist. She is the illustrator of the book-swapping web site BookMooch, restaurant-music provider MoodMixes, and audio engineering company ToneGnome.

comic by Andrice Arp

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