Karl May's Winnetou (Sjors van de Rebellenclub #4, 1967)
Karl May's Winnetou (Sjors van de Rebellenclub #4, 1967)

Juan Arranz is a Spanish comic artist, famous for his comic adaptations of Karl May's 'Winnetou'. Because he couldn't get a job in his native Spain, he tried his luck in The Netherlands. He drew the first 'Winnetou' comic in 1963 for De Spaarnestad. The comic appeared in Sjors magazine and VNU publishers has printed two albums of the series in 1972. Arranz moved back to Spain in 1970, where he produced a comic adaptation of Kipling's 'Junglebook', which earned him some success.

Winnetou by Juan Arranz
Karl May's Winnetou (Sjors van de Rebellenclub #32, 1968)

However, he had to cancel his 'Junglebook' comic after only a year due to copyright problems. Arranz continued with an adaptation of an Oscar Wilde novel, 'El Fantasma de Canterville', and 'Robinson Crusoe'. Although mainly an artist on comic adaptations of famous books, Arranz sporadically made the semi-autobiographical comic 'Arranz-Ficción'. He has also drawn some episodes of the science fiction series 'Vick'.

Winnetou, by Juan Arranz

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