Familia Sapo, by Athos

Abel Ippólito Ruiz (Athos) got his interest in comics by reading 'El Capitán Trueno', El Jabato and the work of artists like Richard Corben and Carlos Giménez. He began doing comics in the early 1980s. His first claim to fame was already in 1984, when he was specially mentoined in an aid about Europa Joven (Young Europe) of his native town. His professional career began in the laten 1980s, when he was selected by Josep Toutain to join Zona 84. He united with a group of authors of Sevilla, who began publishing in E.M.AJ.EN, which was supported by the city counsil. He left this subsidized magazine in 1992, when one of his stories was censored by a politician.

Rojo, by Athos

He then joined Totem magazine, while still working for some fanzines. He moved to Japan for 16 months, where he worked for Kodansha Aftenoon and Morning. Back in Spain, he founded the Tremendo Estudio along with Enrique Carlos Martín in January 1999. Through this studio, he began a career as an advertising and educational artist. His comics work was published by Norma Editorial (in iDubus! and iDicucómics!) and ABC (in Blanco y Negro). He created the educational comic bo 'Mister X' in 2002. From 1998 to 2002 he worked on the monograph 'Golondrino ama a Venancia'.

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