Heroic Pizza, by Augustin

Parisian artist Augustin Rogeret studied interior decorating at the CFT Gobelins. He joined the magazine Lanfeust Mag in 2003, where he created the gag series 'Heroïc Pizza', about a medieaval pizza delivery boy. Five books were published by Soleil between 2006 and 2010. He additionally began a collaboration with Éditions Dupuis and Spirou magazine, where he assisted Midam on 'Kid Paddle' and 'Game Over' gags. Soleil has also published book collections of his blog comics under the title 'Le blogustin de Augustin', as well as his other humor comic 'Chienne de vie'. He is also the artist of a new comic book version of 'Peter Pan', written by Véronique Grisseaux and published by Éditions Jungle since 2015.

Peter Pan by Augustin


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