Etapa, by Rafael Auraleon
'Etapa' 1984 #55

Rafael Auraleón was born in Barcelona. A self-taught drawer, he changed his job as an office worker for a better one as a comic artist. After meeting agent Josep Toutain in 1959, he joined the international agency Selecciones Ilustradas of Josep Toutain. The first works he did were westerns, then war and romance stories. He became a regular contributor to English and Scottish publications.

I Think I'll Keep Her, by Auraleon
I Think I'll Keep Her, by Auraleon

In 1971 Auraleón started to work for US Warren horror magazines, which he did for more than a decade. Horror was a suitable genre for his tortuous and shadowy style. He collaborated with such Warren scriptwriters as Doug Moench, Gerry Boudreau and Bruce Jones. With scripts by Steve Skeates, he was the first to draw 'Pantha', a series which started in the January 1974 issue of Vampirella.

Morbid Love Story, by Rafael Auraleon (Warren)
Morbid Love Story (Warren)

Auraleón sometimes worked for Spanish publications, in particular those of publisher Toutain. During 1982 and 1983 he turned out a series of SF short stories that he both wrote and drew. Almost all of them appeared in magazine 1984. Then Auraleón teamed up with writer Carlos Echevarria to produce 'Viaje al Infierno', which was serialized in Toutain's Spanish version of Creepy in year 1984. After that he left the field of comics. Some years later Auraleón committed suicide, which was attributed to a fit of depression.

Viaje al infierno, by Rafael Auraleon
'Viaje al Infierno'

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