Joaquinete y su Chupete, by Antonio Ayné

Antonio Ayné Esbert worked for several Spanish comic publications throughout the 1940s, such as Cine Aventura, Cuentos de la Abuelita and Chispa. In the late 1940s he became a regular artist for TBO magazine, which was recently revived after its disappearance during the Civil War and World War II.

Las Joyas de Calabacin, by Antonio Ayné

Among his series are 'Titin y Topita' (1943), 'Biblioteca Infantile' (1943), 'Il Profesor Carambola' (1945), 'El Manager Robustiano' (1945), 'José el Vago' (1945), 'Aventuras de Patachin y Pelotilla' (1946), 'Don Triqui' and 'Narizán de la Selva' (1946). In Nicolás he published 'El Capitán Petardo' (1948), 'Don Tenorio', 'Terugo Kid', 'Melenas y Gorron' (1949), 'Bonifacio' (1951) and 'La Familia Taruguez' (1952).

Calixto, by Antonio Ayne

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