Steampunk, by Chris Bachalo

Chris Bachalo was born in Canuk, Canada and raised in Sourthern California. Bachalo was predestined to become a carpenter, but his carpeting career was short-lived cause he was allergic to dust. Then he considered to enter the world of the comic, which he was already interested in. After he attended the college of Cal State Long Beach, he made his own small 16-page comic, but was rejected by several publishing houses. Six months later Bachalo comics book career began when he was asked to draw the series 'Shade: The Changing Man', with scripts by Peter Milligan. While he was waiting on the senario of 'Shade' No.1, he contributed to Neil Gaiman's 'The Sandman' at DC/Vertigo. He was also the artist of the mini-series 'Death: The High Cost of Living'. He then had a long run on Marvel's 'Uncanny X-Men' with writer Steven T. Seagle. He has also done a run on 'Generation X' with writer Scott Lobdell. He then took on the creator-owned series 'Steampunk' with writer Joe Kelly on DC's Cliffhanger imprint.

Shade, by Chris Bachalo

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