Johnny Canuck, by Leo Bachle

Leo Bachle, also known as Les Barker, started his professional career while studying at Danford Tech. He was born in Toronto, Canada, and educated at Danforth Technical School and the Ontario College of Art. As a 16-year old student met John Ezrin, the financial backer of Bell Features, while rummaging through some comics in a store. Ezrin asked him what he though about the Bell comics, which Bachle criticized passionately. Ezrin admired his honesty and asked him to draw him a fight scene. When Bachle proved that he had drawing talent, Ezrin invited him to think up a comic book character and present it to him the next day. Bachle created the air force captain 'Johnny Canuck' in one night. The series made its debut in Bell's Dime Comics #1 of February, 1942. In the comic, the hero fought during World War II and even Hitler himself.

Johnny Canuck versus Hitler, by Leo Bachle

Bachle also created other characters, such as 'Wild Bill', 'The Brain' and 'The Invisible Commando'. He moved to New York in 1944 to work for several American comic book companies. He left the comic scene in the 1950s, to become a nightclub entertainer under the name Les Barker, also appearing in several movies and television commercials. He died from natural causes in May, 2003.

Johnny Canuck, by Leo Bachle

Johnny Canuck

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