Påhittiga Johansson, by Axel Bäckman
Påhittiga Johansson

Early Swedish comic artist Axel Bäckman was born in Härnösand and studied at the Art Academy between 1886 and 1891. He pubished his first work in Kasper in 1893, and continued to work for the magazine until 1930. He was the artist of series like 'Påhittiga Johansson' and 'Rulle Rustibus' in Vårt Hem in the period 1924-41. 'Rulle Rustibus' was initially published in Allt för Alla under the title 'Burre-Busse' (1917). Bäckman was the artist of 'Världskriget och Anderssons Byxor', a comic commenting on the rations of World War I, published in Kasper in 1918.

Världkriget och Anderssons Byxor, by Axel Backman
Världkriget och Anderssons Byxor (Kasper, 1918)

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