Martin Mystère by Enrico Bagnoli
Martin Mystère #306 - Magico Natale (2009)

Milanese comic artist Enrico Bagnoli created his first comic stories at age 15 for publisher Traini while still at art school in Brera. He was then present at Impero and Bonelli, before creating his first serial, 'Volpe', for Edizioni Alpe with scriptwriters Luciano Pedrocchi and Solini for Edizioni Alpe in 1943. The series was also known in France as 'Captain' Horn', as published by Editions du Siècle/Imperia. Bagnoli and Pedrocchi subsequently created 'Il Solitario' and 'Il Terrore di Alla Galla' for Dinamite. He had some short stories published in L'Intrepido, and then made 'Sunda e Apusanda' in Topolino (1946).

Il Terrore di Alla Galla by Enrico Bagnoli
Il Terrore di Alla Galla (as published in Spain in El Coyote #102, 1951)

From 1954 he was working for several European publishers, namely Dargaud in France (Á Tout Coeur), Fleetway in London (romance stories) and the German Springer Verlag. A couple of years earlier he had already worked on US crime, horror and action comic books published by St. John Publishing. Nobale US work by him was the 'Futura' feature for Fiction House's  Planet Comics. He also made comic biographies of popstars for ABC magazine.

The Son of Robin Hood by Enrico Bagnonli
The Son of Robin Hood (Daring Adventures (Approved Comics) #6, May 1954)

Bagnoli edited several Mondadori comic books with American superheroes like 'Batman' and 'Superman' in 1965 and became editor with the Corriere della Sera press group and its juvenile magazine Il Corriere dei Ragazzi in 1969. He also provided illustrations to the publisher's publications, as well as the comic 'Nick Carbone' for Boy Music (1977).

Beatles by Enrico Bagnoli
Beatles comic for ABC (1964)

He also worked as an illustrator for the press and on educational projects for Fratelli Fabbri Editori. He returned to comic art in 1985, when he became one of the artists of Bonelli's 'Martin Mystère' comic books, for which he assumed the pseudonym Henry. Enrico Bagnoli remained active until his death in 2012, shortly after his 87th birthday. His final work was 'Ritorno ad Allagalla', a follow-up story to his 1946 comic for Dinamite.

Il Terrore di Allagalla by Enrico Bagnoli

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