The Face, by Mart Bailey

Mart Bailey was the creator of 'The Face', a regular feature of the Big Shot comic book of the 1940s. 'The Face' was actually Tony Trent, a crusading radio newscaster who fought crime and injustice, hiding his face behind a mask. During World War II, the comic appeared under the name 'Tony Trent' and become more a war/expionage strip. Another comic Bailey created for Big Shot was 'Brass Knuckles' (together with his wife Marion).

Brass Knuckles, by Marty Marion

Bailey has also illustrated several detective comics written by Jerry Siegel in the late 1930s. He was most successful after taking over Lank Leonard's syndicated comic strip, 'Mickey Finn' in the NY Daily Mirror. The strip remained under the signature of Lank Leonard even though Leonard had retired. Mart Bailey was a victim of a mugging during the 1960s and suffered a severe head injury. This left him almost totally incapacitated.

The Face, by Mart Bailey

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