Weird War Tales, by Bernard Baily
The Great Brain Robbery (Weird War Tales #33, 1975)

Bernard Baily was born on the 5th of April 1916. He was a publisher, artist, writer and editor and head of his own comics shop. He worked through the Eisner-Iger studios in the late 1930s, working on among others Star Snapshots for Quality, 'The Buccaneer' for National/DC and the syndicated 'Phyllis' strip. Baily co-created the essential comic hero 'The Spectre' together with Jerry Siegel. The series conveyed an underlying mood of suspense and menace, using exceptional layouts to convey the otherworldly powers and size of 'The Spectre'.

The Spectre, by Bernard Baily
The Spectre

Bernard Baily was also a great cover artist who contributed to titles such as 'Adventure Comics', 'Weird Mystery', and 'More Fun'. He worked for many of the companies, among others for DC from the 1940s through the 1970s (House of Mystery, House of Secrets, Tales of the Unexpected, etc). He also worked on Stanmor and Marvel mystery titles in the 1950s, mostly as a cover artist. Baily additionally worked on syndicated strips like 'Stories of the Opera' (late 1940s) and 'Gilda Gay' (1950s). His Bernard Baily Studio packaged comics for various companies from the 1940s to the early 1960s. Bernard Baily died on 19 January 1996, at the age of 79.

The Spectre, by Bernard BailyTreasure Comics, by Bernard Baily

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