Kleine Ping by Harry Baljet
'Kleine Ping'.

Harry Baljet was the author of the comic strips for the monthly children's magazine Ping, published by the Raiffeissen (Rabo) Bank from 1966 until 1983. Baljet wrote the stories of 'Ping-Li-Ping', 'Buffalo Bill' and 'Ruimte-Patrouille SP-3', all illustrated by Gerard van Straaten (Sidoan). Baljet himself provided the art for illustrations, covers and the comic strip 'Kleine Ping'. Some of the comics from Ping were collected in the 'Ping boek' in 1973. In 1978, after Van Straaten quit the series, Baljet continued the production of Ping comics on his own.

Ping cover by Harry BaljetPing cover by Harry Baljet
Cover illustration for issue #1 and #8 of Ping.

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