Les Paysages de la Nuit, by Alex Barbier, 1994
Les Paysages de la Nuit, 1994

Seven years after finishing graphic school at Nantes, Alex Barbier started working on his first comics for Charlie Mensuel. He set out to make a historic series, creating atmosphere by a melancholy use of colour and setting. He is known mostly for this melancholy style as well as for his gay erotic drawings, in which loneliness features largely. His watercolor drawings are colourful and gloomy at the same time, while his comics also are marked by a strict division between images and texts.

Comme un poulet sans tĂȘte, 1994, by Alex Barbier
Comme un poulet sans tête, 1994

After 'Lycaons' (1979) and 'Le Dieu du 12' (1982), published by Square, Barbier created 'Lettre au Maire de V.' in Hara-Kiri. However, this story remained unfinished due to the disappearance of the Hara-Kiri magazine. In the 1990s Delcourt published some albums of his work, like 'Les Paysages de la Nuit' and 'Comme un Poulet sans Tête'.

comic art by Alex Barbier
Les Paysages de la Nuit, 1994

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