Diogène et son tonneau by Gedeon Baril
Diogène et son tonneau (La Lune 106, January 1870)

Gédéon Baril was a 19th century French painter, writer and cartoonist from the Picardy area. He was a pupil of the Parisian painter Léon Cogniet. Baril, who often signed with his first name, was a contributor to magazines like Le Hanneton and Le Soleil, and was one of the co-founders of La Lune in 1865. He was drafted during the Franco-Prusian War, during which he made a series of drawings called 'Nos vainqueurs' ('Our Victors'). He also worked for the Chés Cabotans marionette shows from his hometown Amiens, and illustrated the book 'Dix heures en chasse' by his friend Jules Verne.

Le Bain de Madame Pipelet by Gedeon
Le Bain de Madame Pipelet (La Lune)

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