Laatsch und Bommel, by Ferdinand Bommel
Laatsch und Bommel

Ferdinand Barlog was a German caricaturist, illustrator, and one of the early comic artists. He studied art in Berlin. He was a prisoner of War in Russia during World War I. Back in civil life after the War, he began a collaboration with the publishing house Ullstein. He also worked for the magazines Uhu and Der Heiterere Fridolin.

Professor Pechmann, by Ferdinand Barlog
Professor Pechmann

In Der Heitere Fridolin, Barlog illustrated 'Laatsch und Bommel' and 'Professor Pechmann', series that were also drawn by Paul Simmel. Die Berliner Illustrierte published Barlog's comic 'Die Fünf Schreckensteiner' from 1939 to 1940, in which Barlog tells the adventures of five ghosts haunting an old castle. A popular book collection followed in 1940.

After World War II, Barlog didn't succeed to maintain his pre-war popularity. He published the pantomime comic 'Pascha Bumsti' in Illustrierte Quick (1950), before emigrating to the USA in 1953. He passed away two years later.

comic by Ferdinand Barlog

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