Dying of Thirst, by Gary Baseman

Gary Baseman is an artist from Los Angeles, California, who got his degree from UCLA in 1982. He pursued a career in law for 10 years, before turning to art. He is a fine artist, commercial artist, editorial cartoonist and a television and film artist. His corporate clients include Gatorade, Mercedes-Benz and Nike, and his work has been published in magazines like Esquire, Forbes, GQ, The New Yorker, Time, Reader's Digest and Rolling Stone, as well as in The New York Times. Baseman is a creator and an executive producer of the animated television series 'Teacher's Pet' for ABC/Disney. As a creator of designer toys, he is known for his Dunny figures (by Kid Robot) and Qee figures (by Toy2R).

Copycat and Pulp (2006), by Gary Baseman
Copycat and Pulp


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